Thursday, January 10, 2013

Photo Bomb

Its been over a month and I have posted literally nothing. Sorry folks (or parents, as they are the most likely the only viewers). Christmas and Thanksgiving were so much fun for us and I wanted to post a few several pictures of what happened over the holidays.

Thanksgiving Headshot
 MI girls
Christmas Morning, my fancy new/old polaroid camera

My best girls from home
MI  party
Aunties, mother, grandmother. 2 generations of beauty
Work party...werrrk it.
 Our second Christmas together as a married couple! Louie under the tree.
 Char Char Gabor
MI hotties

Get it, got it...good? Promise I will have a much better post next week!

The Mrs.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Ever wondered how much time we put into planning? Its funny how we plan our life out, whether its in our minds or out on paper.  What will my life look like in 6 months, a year, 5 years from now ? Well, let me rephrase that, what would we "like" our life to like. Since we've been back from Italy, my personal life roadmap took a big detour. Good or bad, I'd like to say neither. I'd like to say it took the direction God intended it to take. Was it what I had hoped for? Absolutely not. Am I sad, teary eyed...a little. But I'm constantly reminded that my life is not just my choice. God has planned my life perfectly out. His roadmap is "the deal."

I thought this picture was very relevant to whats been on my mind lately. We absolutely can plan and plan and plan. Now will some plans turn out the way you hoped? Yes. Will others? No. We just don't have the control. Why? Because we aren't in control.

And...its okay to have some sort of emotion about it. That's just okay.

The Mrs.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Venice. The Most Romantic Place in the World...

Venice... No words. You've romanced your way into my heart. You are everything I've dreamed about and more, you're just like the movies, and indescribably beautiful. Can I come back to see you soon?

I have another love in my life. Venice. The Mr. and I were blown away by all its beauty and splendor. The city is rich. This city is filled with culture, history and of course passionate Italians. I understand why Italians love their country so much and why there is so much pride to live, eat and breathe Italy.


 Inside the Guggenheim museum.

These are wishes pinned on the wishing tree. Donated by Yoko Uno.
 Picasso. amazing.

Morning Run in Venice. Someone please slap me?

Piazza San Marco--our resting spot.

 Gondola ride...


Venice. I love you...
The Mrs.